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I'm Kristen. I'm a Starship Ranger. I'm 22. I'm a nerd. I'm a fan girl. I'm incredibly forgetful. I love chick flicks and video games, tattoo's and my little ponies, and all kinds of music. I can't even describe how much I love Disney movies. I want nothing more than to live in Hawaii and meet Robin Williams.


I follow Glee and some Supernatural blogs and this has never come to my attention…

Cory Monteith was on the second episode of Supernatural!

(Also I just started watching it for the first time.)

I follow Glee and some Supernatural blogs and this has never come to my attention…

Cory Monteith was on the second episode of Supernatural!

(Also I just started watching it for the first time.)

Watching “On My Way” for the first time.

I’m only at the third New Directions song but I wanted to post two thoughts.

The Karofsky scene had me bawling my eyes out.

(And I realize this next part might be a waste of breath and Glee is FULL of plot holes but….)

I like how Rachel’s dads are at her performances now…. because they shouldn’t have been there since season 1 or anything…. -.-

Trying to explain my love/hate relationship with Glee to my mom…

And she just responds “Uhg who cares”


Her: o.O 

Nestry liveblogs watching the Michael episode for the first time.

Thoughts on the episode as I watch it:

  • Mesmerized by Blaine and his crotch grabbin in “Starting something.” That whole number was awesome.
  • Concerned at the fact that Blaine even talks to Sebastian at all, and feel bad that he was naive enough to talk about their song selection. Something along the lines of. “NO Blainers! Bad Blainers. Don’t talk to the pretty douche bag!”
  • As usual in love with Puck.
  • LOOOOVED Bad. But of course was terrified at the end. Love the fact that Blaine did it to protect Kurt from the slushie but hate the fact that he was injured.
  • GO ARTIE. I thought his speech was brilliant. And I understand his feelings comepletely. Him and Mike in those get ups in “Scream” were oddly attractive… and they were fantastic!!
  • Quinn’s advice was harsh but extremely true. Plus of course she wasnts them to break up so she can have Rachael >.> :D
  • Where’s my pirate Klaine?
  • Look I love Sam and all but idk I’m kinda bored with the Samcedes story line :/
  • Awwww Rachel baby! It will be okay!
  • Pirate Klaine!! PIRATE KLAINE!
  • Aw Blainers… naive as usual.
  • Sebastian is totally eyeballing Santana in a way that is NOT in character.
  • HNNGGG that song was amazing.
  • Finchel… not as exciting after Smooth Criminal.
  • "Lock the door" "I don’t know how to do that"
  • As usual I feel the end of the episode was somewhat lacking… like the build up for hurting Sebastian… and then they just kinda threatened him…
  • Or the sudden Nyada news for Rachel and it just cuts off when asked about Finn.
  • Uhg Hulu Y u no give me promos for next week?

Oh Original Song… There are so many things I miss from you.

Blaine’s Hair.

The Warblers.

Raise Your Glass and Misery

Curt and Riker

The first Kliss <3

The Blazer. (Admit it, you love the blazer)


Kurt as a Warbler.

The first official Klaine episode.

So much has changed. Some for the good, some for the bad. But all for the Klaine.

Please Help Me

I just got home from work so I missed the episode, plus I don’t have cable or dvr or anything

so I need it. and I need it now.

If someone has a download link or a link to streaming online that would be amazing. I’m still searching for one now and havent found anything.

my twitter name is @nestry if Tumblr is still not letting anyone send links through the ask box. 

Please help! Please please please!

About the whole Sebastian and Klaine thing.

Key word there is he is trying to steal Blaine.

Remember Ryan said he wouldn’t break up any relationship this season (however reliable that is…) but still. If any of the Glee head hauncho-s know whats good for them they wont mess with Klaine, because they know Klaine is the only reason a pretty big chunk of fans watch glee anymore. 

idk just my opionions

(this is why I don’t write, I’m not good at it)